Life on Board

Open your eyes to a world of travel and exploration. Become a citizen of the world and quench your thirst for adventure. If hard work and discipline are your doctrines, we can think of no better line of work for you. Working on a cruise liner is truly an experience in itself. There are innumerable reasons why;

  • See the most exotic corners of the world in luxury: Alaska, the Caribbean, South America, Hawaii, Europe, Indonesia and so many more destinations. It is truly a privilege that eludes most.
  • Save most of your earnings: Get paid anywhere between $500-$5000 per month and since food and accommodation is taken care of on board, your savings go up drastically.
  • Free food & accommodation: Stay for staff on board the cruise liner is taken care of, as are all your meals.
  • Expand your skills and earn promotions: Working on board cruise liners is hard work, but truly rewarding. Learn and expand your skills through interactions with crew and passengers alike.
  • Become a cultural connoisseur: Through experiences with passengers and crew personnel from different corners of the world, expand your horizons and take in the best each culture has to offer.
  • Free medical treatment: Health is of primary concern aboard a ship, so all employees receive free treatment from the on board doctors and nurses.
  • Longer vacation time: In the real world, a six week vacation is a far off dream. But your time off from a cruise ship provides you with the opportunity to take that much needed long break.
  • For your leisure, there is a gym, a crew bar, & other recreational facilities on board the cruise liners.


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