Do I have to be fluent in English?

In this industry, Passengers and Crew belong to various nations, but have English as a prevalent language.
That’s why crew members need to be proficient in English to efficiently interact with travelers and other
members of the crew. English is also used for processes relating to security & safety.
Some cruise lines also require the members of the crew to pass an English test online.

How old do I have to be to work on a cruise ship?

Most cruise lines do not employ individuals under the age of 21. This is because you need to be above 21 to work in certain departments like casinos and bars.

I applied a while back, why haven't I heard back?

We receive extensive number of applications, due to which at times it is difficult to inform each applicant about the status of their application. We usually contact you when there is an opening that matches your qualifications, after approval from the cruise line.

Do I require prior work experience to work here?

Yes !! We make sure that our crew have the relevant knowledge and experience they need for their role. You must provide at least one, if possible two verifiable references of the previous job experience during your interview.
For each business reference, we need a minimum of one written verification inclusive of the exact time Period. This may include your employment contract, confirmation letter, reference letter, recent performance review and pay slip. Your references ‘ name and contact information will also be requested

Do you require prior experience on cruise lines for managerial positions?

It takes time to get used to ship life and this is why prior cruise line experience is generally required for managerial positions. But on the other hand, promotions are based on performance, not seniority. If you are talented, a hard worker, eager to learn a lot and a good team player, then you will be able to rise up the cruise hierarchy quickly.
It requires time to get used to ship lifestyle, which is why managerial positions usually require previous cruise line experience. However promotions are performance-based ,
& are not based on seniority.If you’re a skilled employee, a tough worker, anxious to know a lot and a good team player, then you further your chances of rapidly climbing up the ladder.

My job interview was successful but I am currently employed. Do I resign immediately from my current job?

We advise you to continue in your present job until you have passed your pre-employment medical and have obtained your visa(s).

How long is the process of joining?

After getting selected, it will take between 10-14 weeks to join the ship.
Your joining date will be assigned to you by the cruise company, depending on available vacancies and considering the earliest joining date selected by you. You can generally start some of your pre-embarkation preparations as quickly as you are approved. However documents such as your medical and visa should be acquired as per your joining assignment.

How much will it cost me to join?

Pre-embarkation requirements and costs vary depending on the company and generally include medicals, STCW certification, police background check, etc.
We will inform you about all the costs and the joining process in advance.
You will generally pay the service provider directly. Receipts will be issued for all payments.

Will I get assistance from Hiren International for visa application?

Yes!! We at Hiren International will most definitely provide you with all the required assistance in obtaining all the necessary documents including visa.
As we are a government recognized recruiting agency, we are registered with the U.S. Consulate, and we are well acquainted with the processes of the appropriate Indian and overseas agencies and consulates.

What will be the length of my contract & my vacation time?

The duration of the contract will depend on the cruise line & the position.
They usually range from 6 to 10 months, with a vacation between contracts of roughly 2 months.
There will be some degree of flexibility in the holiday duration as long as you follow the procedures.
Yes, contracts are renewed depending on your performance.

Will medical care be provided on board?

Yes, while on ship you will be covered by the ships insurance, and a fully equipped
medical center on board will provide treatment free of cost. Transportation to your homeland will be given in case of severe sickness as well as free medical treatment. You will be able to return to your job on board when you are medically fit.

Are there any on-board living costs?

The Company will provide your food, accomodation and medical care free of charge while on board. This enables you to save your income.

What is the accommodation like on board?

Crew members typically share a small but functional two-berth cabin with another member of their team. You would have access to the crew bar, crew cafeteria, crew
deck, crew gymnasium, swimming pool, etc. Events and crew activities are also provided by some cruise lines. Access to passenger areas varies depending on your job position and the ship.

Are applications from "sub-agents" or other agencies accepted by Hiren International?

Hiren International has not authorized any individual or organization to act on our behalf  and does not consider applications from any other agents.

What is the privacy and confidentiality policy at Hiren International?

All information or documents received from a ship-owner, applicant, or seafarer, is treated as privileged information and we do not disclose/share this information with any third party, neither in part nor in whole, without the permission of the ship-owner, applicant or seafarer. However, if required by a Court of Law or any other legal authority, Hiren International will provide the information after receiving a written legal request.


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