• Works closely under the supervision of the Entertainment Rigging Specialist(s) by assisting in installation, operation, maintenance, repairs, troubleshooting and safeguarding of all onboard entertainment rigging equipment
  • Assists the Entertainment Rigging Specialist(s) in conducting weekly inspections of all onboard entertainment rigging systems with special attention paid to safety systems
  • Assists the Entertainment Rigging Specialist(s) in compliance with the AMOS rigging inspection program, implementation, documentation.
  • Assists Entertainment Rigging Specialist(s) in completing all maintenance work orders in accordance with the scheduled maintenance in AMOS.
  • When working at height (i.e 20 – 100 feet off the floor), must utilize company approved climbing/ rescue equipment.
  • Must be able to work safely with various rigging disciplines, including, but not limited to, stage automation, automated performer flying rigging systems, manual rigging systems and various performer flying apparatuses.
  • Ensures that all entertainment rigging equipment in all entertainment venues onboard is secured, attached and/or properly stored to prevent damage or equipment loss in cases of rough seas or high degrees of list.
  • Must fully understand and enforce all blackout procedures relating to sound and lighting equipment
  • Ensures all rigging-related working spaces are clean and organized in a professional working manner.
  • The Stage Staff Rigging Support is not permitted to operate any FOY equipment during any show performances.
  • Conducts daily shipboard rounds to ensure all equipment racks receive the required HVAC airflow to maintain normal operating temperature and there is no water leakage.
  • Must understand and enforce all company policies.



  • Must be able and comfortable to work at height (i.e. 20 – 100 feet off the floor) for extended periods of time.
  • Ability to troubleshoot, repair and maintain automated and manual rigging systems.
  • Completion of the required Foy operator basics training certificate.
  • Completion of training or equivalent stage/arena rigging courses such as Jay Glerum, Harry Donovan, Bill Sapsis, Tomcat preferred.
  • Basic programming knowledge of PC/PLC based systems preferred. Working knowledge of Windows NT, Word, and Excel. Familiar with current PC and PLC stage technologies and rigging operations.