• Directs, coaches, supports, supervises and evaluates (in conjunction with the Executive Chef/Chef) the performance of all direct reports.
• Each Sous Chef will be assigned schedule an area of the galleys by the Executive Chef/Chef and will be held accountable for the expected results.
• Works with the Chef to establish work schedules for all Cooks.
• Monitors all Cooks’ working hours and completes report of overtime for payroll purposes.
• Provides proper training for the new crewmembers and follows up on their progress.
• Has a thorough understanding of Time and Attendance procedures, shipboard training, and is familiar with the contracts and work schedule hours/week
• Communicates daily with the Executive Chef and Provision Master to determine product availability.
• Controls and provides daily food requisitions for the next day’s preparation according to food cost and the Executive Chef/Chef forecast.
• Ensures that the HACCP program is carried out correctly.
• Must be present in an early standby each time the ship is subject to a USPH inspection.
• This position is responsible for cost containment through the proper use, handling and maintenance of records, reports, supplies and equipment.


• 4-5 years relevant experience in a large hotel/resort operations or cruise ships.
• Very good oral and written communication in English.
• Culinary School degree required.
• Very strong management skills in a multicultural and dynamic environment.
• Strong planning, coaching, organizing, staffing, controlling, and evaluating skills.
• Very strong communication, problem solving, decision making, and interpersonal skills.