• Keep the plumbing in working order
  • Responsible for all plumbing on the ship, he may help install it, repair it, and maintain it
  • Responsible for the proper operation of the plumber shop, equipment, inventory and consumables
  • When the ship is loading potable water, he handle the hoses. They also maintain the systems for the ship’s black water plants, the drain plants for gray water, and all hot and cold potable water.
  • Responsible to take care of the complaints of passengers
  • Carries out safety related duties and responds to any emergency that requires participation
  • Attends department meetings and works in collaboration with the heads of the various departments which may require plumber work
  • Participates in safety drills


  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Training certificate from technical school
  • Minimum of two years professional experience as a skilled Plumber
  • Hotel/resort maintenance experience is preferred
  • Good command of the English language