• Ensure all linen is free of garbage and sorted by color to prepare for prewash.
  • Check for any tears or damage of all clothes from guests and crew before washing and report any bad condition to the Laundry Master
  • Use proper weighted loads for washers and proper procedure for Ironing and Dry Cleaning
  • Ensure the proper disposal of all dry-cleaning waste, sludge and lint.
  • Inform the Laundry Master about any malfunction on finishing equipment or problems with safety mechanisms.
  • Ensure proper use of chemicals and keep the work area safe, clean and neat.
  • Check safety devises and report leaking valves, damaged insulation, air and water path.
  • Attend department briefings and meetings to maintain own knowledge and awareness of company policies and initiatives.
  • Ensure all shipboard employees must be physically able to participate in emergency lifesaving procedures and drills.




  • Minimum 2 years previous relevant experience in similar position, preferably in an upscale hotel, resort or cruise line.
  • Very good oral and written communication in English.
  • Completion of high school or basic equivalency preferred.
  • Proof of completion of apprenticeship, hospitality or equivalency required.